Lex Tech Review was founded to bridge the communication gap between vendors and law firms by translating each solution’s strength into real world terms.

For me, this means writing so it explains the benefits of a particular technology and how it will eliminate a problem or increase revenue for a law firm. Speckled with humor, and practical examples. Not, your traditional apples to apples review.

Both, the partnership with North State Consulting and my role as Chief Strategy Officer, Legal aid providers who sell to law firms. By providing direct feedback about their products from the law firms I meet with and train. Then extends into strategic consulting to align them with the appropriate associations, or integration partners and with honest direction related to the challenges they may need to overcome to compete.

This is a tremendous opportunity for everyone involved, one that will provide more jobs within our community and that I am proud to be a part of.

Read more about North State Consulting and our partnership in the official release: