Author: Chelsey Lambert

Announcing our Partnership with North State Consulting!

Lex Tech Review was founded to bridge the communication gap between vendors and law firms by translating each solution’s strength into real world terms. For me, this means writing so it explains the benefits of a particular technology and how it will eliminate a problem or increase revenue for a law firm. Speckled with humor, and practical examples. Not, your traditional apples to apples review. Both, the partnership with North State Consulting and my role as Chief Strategy Officer, Legal aid providers who sell to law firms. By providing direct feedback about their products from the law firms I...

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The Lex Tech Review – Vendor Mastermind Group

Did you know that there are over one-thousand legal specific products and services being offered to lawyers around the globe? In order to capture the attention of a law firm prospect it is absolutely necessary that your understand the world they live in every day. Solo and small law firm decision makers are uniquely difficult to reach as they are also mass market consumers. Constantly inundated with ads, and offers. Which means on some days, you’re competing just as much with another software trial as you are their open cart on Amazon. Wouldn’t it be nice to participate in...

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GNGF Review – Are you protecting your referrals?

When attorneys ask me about advertising, Pay Per Click (PPC) and other advanced avenues for getting business I’m often curious to hear what they have been doing so far. As there are so many misconceptions around marketing, namely that generating new leads… isn’t always the answer. Law firm marketing has changed dramatically since my early days at Total Attorneys, one of the first and largest consumer lead generation providers to date. Back then it was pretty much the wild, wild, west. At that time buying traffic, purchasing leads and having a website that converts was just a matter of...

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Video – How to Shop for Case Management Software

If you are in the process of choosing a Case Management Software there are so many factors to consider. In this session I share some of the questions and situations you should consider when buying software. I’ll walk through core features, practice area specific considerations, and integrations that you commonly see among providers. Watch the full recording here:...

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Chelsey Lambert

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