Author: Chelsey Lambert

UniCourt Review – Turning Court Searches into Cash

In order to compete in the legal technology space you have to bring innovation and ROI to the table. In the early days of “the cloud’ it was about cool features, but as the space grows more and more competitive now lawyers are asking “so, how is this going to make me money?” If you’ve ever had to pull a court record, check the docket, search for parties tied to a case, or try to trace back a Judge’s ruling pattern, you know it’s not the sexiest way to spend your time. In addition, the tools traditionally available were...

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Attn: New England Lawyers! Learn how to ROCK Marketing at the 7th Annual Super Marketing Conference.

If you haven’t heard of the Annual Super Marketing Conference you’ve been missing out!  I am particularly fond of this unique conference held every year in the northeast, that draws big name speakers from far and wide. Why I love it:  Get expert strategies in an intimate setting. Speakers are always happy to talk and actually have time to do so because there aren’t 10,000 people there! Lobster rolls, for real. The next time anyone wants to wrap up a day of intense legal marketing talk over a beer and a lobster roll around the corner from the Bar Association...

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Mistaken identity! The difference between a CRM and a Case Management System.

You may not know this, but my background includes quite a bit of sales experience. When speaking to attorneys about technology, I often hear. “What’s a CRM, isn’t that what a case management system does?” To which I reply, “No, not really.” A vague answer for a vague question. The following post is aimed to shed light on a very confusing gray area of functions when shopping for a case or practice management system.  First you must understand what each tool was built to accomplish. To do this, let’s focus on the two distinct areas of a law firm....

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Smokeball Review – A Practice Management Powerhouse of Tech & Time Recording

If you’re in the market for a practice management system, you are probably overwhelmed with the growing list of solutions to choose from. There are quite a few things to know about this relatively new, but fast-growing provider to help you understand what separates Smokeball from the rest of the pack. First, full disclosure. I had the great pleasure of serving as the Vice President of Marketing for Smokeball for two years. During which time, I watched this product mature from its early beginnings to the serious contender in the case management marketplace that it is today. Smokeball’s intention:...

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Trial3D Review – A Litigation Attorney’s New Trump Card

We’ve all watched the TV Law Drama shows, with somber lead in music, and over-exaggerated outro’s. No matter what your guilty pleasure of choice is, CSI, Law and Order, Suits or the often-ridiculous ramblings of Ally McBeal they all have one thing in common. Complicated, flat, and uninspiring courtroom exhibits. Which may not seem like a big deal to those of us watching from the outside. But… to the victim or defending attorney, their life, business, or reputation depends on how well those assets can tell a story. When CEO and Co-Founder, Jabez LeBret first told me about Trial3D...

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Chelsey Lambert

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