We’ve all watched a scene on Law & Order where a client takes the stand… and things go sideways. For litigation attorneys, this is not just a tv drama, it is real life.

The challenge of preparing clients for case-related events such as mediation, deposition or trial can be a painful and time-consuming practice. Also, lawyers must repeat the prep process with both clients and associates who join the law firm.

Most legal professionals would agree that there’s no substitute for proper preparation, not only in our careers but also with the clients we serve. Expectation setting, education, and guidance before critical life events determine the outcome of the situation.

Founded by Alan Fanger, an award-winning litigator with more than 30 years of experience, EmpowerLegal is an educational training platform that bridges the gap between general client guidance, and practical training. Channeling his years of experience working with litigation clients, as well as training his law firm associates, Alan has created informative, streamable video tutorials that assist clients and their counsel in preparing for major litigation events.

The elegantly styled EmpowerLegal Litigation Suite was originally created out of necessity for Alan’s law firm. Today, the platform supports the training needs of law firms, pro se litigants, in-house counsel, government, law schools and legal aid organizations.

What’s more, the system can be branded by the organization or law firm for a seamless, professional-looking experience for participants. With an administrative login, law firm associates or partners can create a client’s account and assign them one or more course options including the following:

1. Mediation
2. Deposition preparation and testimony
3. Trial preparation and testimony

Each video course has been created to mimic the real-life setting of each event with professional actors portraying clients, lawyers, judges and other participants. The content helps to dispel the misunderstanding and assumptions many clients have about the judicial process.

The deposition video depicts realistic exchanges between deposing counsel and the deponent, and addresses techniques for answering questions, dealing with documents, handling objections (including attorney-client privilege, body language, and confidence. The trial video is both a primer on direct and cross exam but also demystifies all aspects of the trial process. The mediation video chronicles a fictitious but realistic from plenary session all the way to settlement and gives clients a helpful window into the mediation process.

While engaging with the content, clients have additional resources to connect with the law firm along the way. An area for notes and a place to ask their attorney questions make EmpowerLegal a confidential and convenient location to learn. Completely mobile friendly (apps are available for iPhone and Android), and comfortable to use.

Administrators can add clients, manage user ids and create passwords. They can also see usage stats by client, answer messages and respond to questions with ease. Even the communications coming from the system can be customized. Tailor welcome messages for clients to read when they receive their login information.

Law firms are also leveraging EmpowerLegal as an in-house training tool which provides significant value to the associates that view the courses. They not only get practical training but are better equipped to role play and prepare a client for case related events.

The Access to Justice Gap
An incredible resource for pro se Litigants who otherwise may have no other way to educate themselves on the judicial process, EmpowerLegal has also been viewed as an asset for any legal aid program.

In Summary:

Litigation matters come with a high level of risk, for both the client and the attorney. There is no “luck”, as they say, only the combination of when preparation meets opportunity. Invest in the preparation process for both your clients and those who serve them with EmpowerLegal.
You can learn more about the EmpowerLegal Litigation Suite platform (and view trailers for all three videos) by visiting the company’s site at www.empowerlegal.net.

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