With Special Guests; Dave Aarons, Co-Founder of the Unbundled Attorney and Michael Chasin, Founder of Lexicata!

The need for new clients never goes away. It is one of the greatest challenges for brand new attorneys and established law firms alike. In this special session we address the need for new clients, and how to convert typically low margin flat fee cases into a strong source of revenue for your law firm using technology.

Due to their brand new integration, Unbundled Attorney’s leads can now be delivered directly into a Lexicata account in real-time. Once a lead is converted into a paying client, Clio users can have that data instantly populate into their account for billing and client management. This is a first-of-it’s kind integration suite that allows lawyers to automate and streamline their lead generation, new client intake and client management. When used properly, the combination of these tools can result in a massive opportunity for growth, while serving one of the largest untapped population of legal clientele.

In this special interview style session, we speak to two leaders in legal technology and breakdown the misconceptions and benefits of serving this group of legal consumers.

Watch it and include these tools in your law firm’s revenue strategy for 2018!